Boom Beach Hack unlimited gems

Boom Beach Hack unlimited gems

Boom Beach Hack is a brand new hack that will allow you to get unlimited gems for free. This Boom Beach Hack works with all operating systems wich include now, Apple IOS 7.2, wich is the latest apple ios . and you don’t need to have jailbreack made on your device. Wich is great if you ask me, as many hacks needs jailbreack to make them work on your devices.

Boom Beach hack

How to use?
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Step 4: Enjoy , for more info watch the video tutorial!

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Boom Beach Hack unlimited gems VIDEO PROOF!

Why Boom Beach Hack?

Boom Beach the game was created few months ago by the same company who created Clash of clans and hay day, you can also get this hacks from our website, This game will be the most popular game in about three- four months as the supercell games are the most captivating games that you will ever see on apple store and play store, you will also notice that this game is almost the same as the clash of clans or castle clash, you will see that you need to build a base , and try to release islands from other let’s call them tribes. This game in my opinion is very interesting and the people who will play it, will want to play it more and more, you will need to build ships, houses, army, radar to see the islands that you want to release, and so on. I’m sure that this Boom Beach game will captivate you and you will see that if you are playing more than 2 h you will need gems, this gems are free or you can pay for them, but the free ones are very hard to get, so better buy them, or hack them with our Boom Beach Hack unlimited gems. When we’ve created this hack we tinked at people who don’t want to pay money for gold, diamonds and gems, when they can hack them, so we only want to give this people the chance to hack the game in the right way, and after 4 months from the game release we finally lunched the hack.

What this Boom Beach Hack can do?

This Boom Beach Hack is the most advanced hack that you will ever see, with this hack you can get as many diamonds, gold, and gems as you want, and this hack is 100% undetectable, as it use a brand new technology who force the game servers to get the info in the right way that you will insert the dates, on the people language, you will change the dates with this hack directly on the game server, not on the game from phone, in that way even if you uninstall the game, and install it again you will have the same resources. This Boom Beach Hack is updated on 14 April 2014, to make sure that everything is allright, even that , we test our hack every day to make sure that it works correctly and all the functions of the hack works at full capacity, we tested this hack on all versions of ios , in that way we make sure that the hack will work even with older devices such as iphone 3gs. We worked at this compatibility about 1 month, this hack works with mac os and windows all versions, all you need to do to hack the game is to connect the device to pc and than insert tha dates that you want to hack, than you will need to wait 3 minutes after you clicked on the hack button, our Boom Beach Hack will auto find your device os and version and will get the right version of the hack for you, after you hacked it all you need to do is to reopen the game or reboot the device and the game will be hacked, if the hack don’t work make a support ticket on our website , you will need to insert device ios and version, for example ios 7, iPhone 5s, in that way we will make sure what things to check on our hack and fix them in less than 1h, as our hack is permanently in connection with our servers, and if you don’t download it from our website won’t work, even if you get it from a friend who downloaded from our website.

Boom Beach Hack unlimited gems

If you really want to download this Boom Beach Hack you will need to ask at some question as , what is your age, and things like that to make sure that you are not a bot, who try to steal our hack and share it on internet, in that way we make sure that this Boom Beach Hack won’t get patched in any way, with this security question we are 100% that the program is undetectable and can’t be patched, so all we want to tell you is to enjoy this Boom Beach Cheat, and share it with your friends and don’t forget to like and share us on facebook, if you don’t share us on facebook and click on +1 the program won’t stard downloading as we have a script that see when the user click on like and +1 button, this is another safety security which make the program even better than before, the program will get updates every time the game will be updated and when the android version of this game will be realeased we will lunch a Boom Beach Hack for android too, so don’t worry!

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