Dragon City Hack

Dragon City Hack. Dragon City Hack is for sure the best tool developed by us this year. Amazing features have been released in the last version of dragon city hack by pre-hackedgames.net. Please be nice and share this tool with your friends for supporting us.

Lovely part of this tool is that you can use for free and wait… now you don’t need to use your proxy. We have implemented in this version of Dragon City Hack a feature that automaticaly use proxy when is started. Also a great point is from ditance the brand new design of our tool. What is the matter if tha game was release few years ago if it still have players? The problem in this game is that you have to buy specified features, but with our tools you have just to download and add how many features you want for it.

What is about Dragon city hack game? In this game you have to grown your own dragon by feeding them, by train the to fight! I say to fight becouse at one moment your dragon will show up ready to fight with others dragons in the arena. Hey guys today i will present you a brand new hack for dragon city. The hack allows you to generate unlimited gold, food and geems. The hack works with all operating sistems includin MAC OS and LINUX.

Dragon City Hack

How to use?

Step 1 : Download The Program

Step 2: Open it and insert account name ( Facebook Mail)

Step 3: Select your amount

Step 4: Click on generate items!



The Dragon City Hack is created by Pre-hackedgames.net team and it’s uniqe on internet. This hack can’t be downloaded from other places than our site.

The hack can’t pe copied on other websites. So if you find our hack in other websites the hack will be fake for sure!.

Now let’s talk about Dragon City.

Dragon city is an iPhone game which was implemeted for computers to. You can play it on facebook, on your iPhone even on your iPad. This game is not compatible with android devices. Dragon city is played buy more than ten milions people so we can say that the game is very popular on internet comunity. In dragon city you need to create a place where you need to grow your dragons. The dragons are initialy eggs. You need to wait to until the eggs became dragons. The dragons can be evolved and trained to make the hard jobs for you!

There are some types of dragons. Fire Type, Wather Type and Grass Type!  One thing that sets this apart from other games on Facebook, is the fact that this game does not use any from of ‘energy points’ that most facebook games use, which take time and/or money. Dragon City is a game on Facebook with the main objectives of Breeding, Raising, Training, and Selling exotic Dragons.


Dragon City Hack

What is new at our Dragon City Hack. We finally lunched a version of this hack for November 2013. This hack is better than ever. Now you can get unlimited gems with just a single click. It works with mobile devices too so you don’t worry about being at school and can’t play the dragon city hacked version! What is great at this hack? The new design that we added to it! It looks awesome and the fixed bugs.

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