iTunes Gift Card Generator

iTunes Gift Card Generator

iTunes Gift Card Generator is now compatible with all internet browsers, which means that, this iTunes Gift Card Generator is 100% free to use! Try iTunes!

Today I will present you a new gift card generator for iTunes. This generator allow you to generate Itunes Card codes who can be used to charge your ITunes account for free! With this money in iTunes you can buy music, games, apps, books and many other interesting things for your iPhone , iPad or iPod. iTunes Gift Card Generator

iTunes Gift Card Generator 2014

iTunes code generator

The latest release from our team it’s the new itunes code generator. Everybody knows that you can use itunes to buy apps or music from apple.With our itunes code generator you can generate premium codes for free. Even if you usually have to pay with real money our algorithm has a way to bypass this protection and generate them for free.It was coded in visual basic 2013 studio and has a great speed. Now it’s available for free on our site. Do not try to abuse it to sell the codes. We will catch you and ban your ip so you can’t use the itunes code generator. We designed this for the poor users that don’t have financial power to buy the codes.If you like our work you can share and like our page. Thank you !

iTunes Gift Card Generator

Working on:

How to use?

Step 1: Click on Like and Share button.

Step 2: Download The Program ( Click on download picture below)

Step 3: Open the program.

Step 4: Select your ammount and click on generate button.

Step 5: Enjoy. Watch the video tutorial for more info.


Video Tutorial:


This iTunes gift card generator use a brand new tehnology who use the algorithm of official card productor to connect at iTunes servers and inject a new code in their database. When the code is injected you can use the generated code in your iTunes account.

Now let’s talk about iTunes.

iTunes is a platform created for Apple users where they can find everything at 1 dollar. This thing is possible cause Steve Jobs convinced many companies that instead of selling let’s say 100 copies of a game at 50 dollars they can sell the game at 1 dollar to 1 million people so in that case they will win more money from their games. So this is the phsihology behind iTunes and what iTunes means for all Apple users.

Why iTunes is so popular?

iTunes is so popular because of apple users who can’t use their phones, tablets or iPods to play music or games if they don’t pay for them. So apple killed the piratery on their devices. But Many people find a way to bypass this thing with Jailbreak for Apple Devices. This allows you to install or download for free everything you want but this thing is very dangerous couse you can loose your varienty.

That why I must say you need a iTunes gift card generator.


Special Update!!
Today we will announce a brand new iTunes Gift Card Generator only for you guys. We updated our database and now all codes works without problems. We made a speciat update to our program which include a raport button where you can use it if you have some bug to our program. This will help us to understand the user experience and use it !! Our new  iTunes Gift Card Generator is 100% compatible with all operating systems including Mac Os and Linux!

Now we updated our videos to make sure that they will show you the real info about this cheat. I would like if you share this video on facebook!


iTunes Gift Card Generator

iTunes Gift Card Generator got a special update and now it works with mobiles devices too. Only android and IOS at this moment but we work for windows mobile too. The generator got few updates since we lunched it. We added 20k codes to make sure that you will get an working one every time you click on generate button. You can’t generate more than 10 codes / day. With this great futures you can’t be cought and you will get the latest updates when it comes time to music!

Great news guys, we’ve updated the hack again with brand new codes and a brand new design, now this generator will work with ios and android devices too , so you don’t need to worry if you don’t have an computer right in front of your, I’m sure that you will want more and more codes but you will be able to get just 2/day right now!

iTunes Gift Card Generator is the ultimate tool to add unlimited money in your iTunes account, in that way you will be able to buy games and music for free. So the best way to buy games is not to invest money. All you need to do is to use a hack!

iTunes Gift Card Generator got a new update guys, now the generator will allow you to add up too 100$/day without any restriction , and you can add to your friends too. Or you can ask them for money , than give them some money in the iTunes accoun!

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