PS4 Emulator

PS4 Emulator

PS4 Emulator

PS4 Emulator is a brand new program created for users who don’t afford a Playstation 4,This PS4 Emulator works with all operating systems and will allow you to play all games from Playstation who are compatible with PS4, in that way we make sure that this PS4 Emulator works with all games that are on the market.This PS4 Emulator was created by a team who worked at Playstation Company, to create the PS3 Console, they are very experienced people , who gave up working at Playstation , to make this emulator, and make people to don’t spend 400-600 $ on consoles, when they can play that games on their pc which is way better than the ps4 specification!

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Why PS4 Emulator and not the console?

This is a easy answer, the price, why to spend 400-600$ on a console who works only with playstation games when you can buy a pc, with better specs and download the emulator for PS4 for free, this emulator allows you even to download games from torrents, but you will need the premium version, wich only people who download this emulator from our website, and the first 100.000 people will get 20 games for free, they will also be our testers, after we will give the emulator to 100.000 people, the emulator will cost 20$, as it’s very important to don’t give everything free, we still need to pay the programmers, and if we sell the emulator to 1000 people we will have enough money to pay them for an entire year. We will also add some great futures to this emulator, you will get 50$ playstation store codes as a gift that you’ve downloaded our emulator .And you are agree to test every function of it!


We started this project at 2 weeks a fter the official console was lunched, in that way we are the first on the market who succed to creat an working ps4 emulator in less than 5 months, at the first tests, the emulator was very ugly, after we contacted a team of designers , we got a bran new design and a great user interface, this user interface is very easy to use , it’s almost like the original console, you can also connect controllers to your pc and controll the emulator from them, like in the console, if you want to think at this Ps4 Emulator as a console all you need to do is to forget about limited specs of the official console and think about the specs of your pc, and the power of our emulator, this days computer part are very cheap , and with let’s say 600$ you can get a i5 brand new, wich will make the official console cry when you will play God of War or other games like that on your Ps4 emulator, The good part of this emulator is that it comes in 2 variants. One for windows and one for mac os, the mac os version is tested by our team for 2 months , as is more complicated than the windows version, to get the windows version you fist need to install the NET.Framework 4, as this emulator works only with it, It’s very hard this days to find a program who works without Net Framework. For the windows xp users as you know microsoft renounced to make updates for him and offer support, but even whithout microsoft support we still make this PS4 Emulator to work on windows xp as more than half of the world population use windows xp , and we don’t want to make people to change their os to install our emulator.

When you will be able to get this PS4 Emulator?

Right now, we lunched this PS4 Emulator for beta testing to first 100.000 people and you also get as I said, that 20 games for free, you can even chose what game that you want to have in the emulator, even if the game was released 2 days ago you can still get him for free, from us, but this is just for first 100.000 people as I’ve said, you will need to share the program with your friends and your family , in that way we will make a easy way to develop more futures to this PS4 emulator, and also help us to pay our bills from ads that you will get when you will click on the download button! When you will download this ps4 emulator for pc and mac os you will also get a full tutorial about how to use it, and even a video tutorial, in that way we make sure that you will understand the great futures that this emulator includes and how to use them, we are still at the start of this journey but after we will finish this we will be the best from the market. I hope that you will enjoy it and won’t try to cheat us.

As you know our ps4 emulator works with all operating systems, and with this brand new update for 2015 , we’ve fixed some major problems with windows 8.1, the crush problem is the most one who gaved us problems.

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