Subway Surfers Hack

The Subway Surfers Hack allows you to hack Subway Surfers without jailbreak. With this hack you can get unlimited coins and Unlock all items for free, The hack works on all IOS versions
Subway Surfers Hack

Subway Surfers Hack

Subway Surfers is an awesome race game where you need to bypass obstacles, run and earn coins and items. This game is very popular on IOS and Android Platfors. Personally I play this game almost every day and I know how to cheat it. But There is a little inconvenience in this game, It’s very hard to earn coins and experience. You can earn that in time or just hack it with a program like Subway Surfers hack.

How to use?

Step 1: Click on Like and +1 Button

Step 2: Download the program and extract it.

Step 3: Open The Program. Insert User Id, Device and Desired Hack.

Step 4: Click on Start Button!

Features: Generate unlimited  Coins
Other options: Anti ban
Operating system: iOS & Android, Mac and Windows
Recent Version: 2.5
Application Reviewed on: Iphone 4S
Jailbreak required: NO






Subway Surfers hack is developed by our team and the hack works on Facebook, iPhone and Android.

The hack will give you unlimited coins and experience and unlocks all items with just a single click.

The hack for Subway Surfers is very  easy to use even a 6 years child can use it without any problems. You can use this hack on iPhone without  jailbreak . You can say that Subway Surfers hack without  jailbreak is an app like facebook for IOS and android. The hack is undetectable and when you update the game the hacked items will remain untouched so you don’t need to worry about hacking it again.

About Game:

Tasha looks like an athletic cheerleader with a short tank top, white socks, red shoes, and blue jeans. Frizzy looks like a young female adult with afro-styled hair, huge golden earrings, a red and white striped jacket, red shoes, and white socks. She a Mega Headstart is another edition of the Headstart powerup. The powerup will let you zoom through the sky for about 030000 on the start of the game. In Subway Surfers World Tour: Rio all Headstarts were replaced with Mega Headstarts. lso has coca skin.

Subway Surfers World Tour: New York is the first installment to the Subway Surfers World Tour series, and was a free update for the Subway Surfers game. It was available for free, for a limited time. It included the new character, Tony, who was also only available in this version, and was worth 95,000 Coins . It also included the Liberty Board as a Limited Edition purchase of 50,000 Coins.

Subway Surfers Hack

This Subway Surfers Hack is updated now to the latest city and it works great on ios and android. You don’t need to have a jailbraked iPhone to use this hack so don’t worry that will not work on your device. It works great with emulators too. I tested it on a android emulator and I’m very happy with it. The futures of this hack are: Unlimited Keys, Gold. With this you can buy every bord you want and other things like that for free!

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