Dec 09

3DS Emulator

3DS Emulator – Emulator for 3ds

3DS emulator is a brand new program who allow you to play 3ds games on your computer. The program is called 3DS emulator and it’s free for use. So if you want to play 3ds games on your mac os or windows you can use our emulator for 3ds and play all games you want. I played last week the latest version of pokemon game!

3ds emulator

3DS Emulator

3DS emulator now it’s improved with a brand new design so you can se more easy the great futures of this Nintendo 3ds emulator even if you have a slow computer and a bad internet speed connection. Now we created a mobile version of this emulator. It works only with ios and android at this moment but we will work for windows mobile version soon. This version for android and ios is very stable and works great on tablets too! So go ahead and download the 3ds emulator for android or ios if you want to play the games from Nintendo on your phone!

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