Mar 17

Crossy Road Hack

Crossy Road Hack. Crossy Road Hack unlimited coins. With this future you will be able to get the coins that you want for free. All this coins will be very easy to add in your account. You won’t have problems , and you will never get banned as this hack works with the game servers directly so the game creator won’t know that you hacked the game, as you didn’t, you’ve changed the data directly from the game servers.


With this Trucchi Crossy Road you won’t need to wait to get coins , to be able to play the game again, or buy coins in order to play the game. This is not fair for you to buy something, in order to be able to play .

How to use:

Step 1: Like us on facebook and click on +1

Step 2: Download the program.

Step 3: Open the program and run it.

Step 4: Enter your username and Click on disired hack/hacks

Step 5: Click on Start Hack

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Download Crossy Road Hack

As you know there are few Trucchi Crossy Road on the internet, and I can guarantee that there aren’t any hack better than ours, our hack is reviewed and tested by the best internet hackers and all of them told us that you should not give to people to use, but our way of thinking is Sharing is caring, and we like to share our minds with you guys. That why Trucchi Crossy Road can be downloaded from our website for free.

As you know Crossy Road is a simple game, as Mario, The main objective of this game is to make the chicken to cross the road, As that joke ,” why the chicken cross the road ? “ , but to be able to cross the road with the chicken you need to keep it safe from trucks, lakes , buses and many other things that you can find on a real road. That why the game is so difficult, when you advance in levels you will find out that the game is harder and harder, and you will need more coins that before.


As you know the coins can be used to buy new skins and new futures in the game, our Trucchi Crossy Road will unlock some of this futures, but you will still need coins to buy them , so you will use the coins generated from our hack to get them. Crossy Road hack works with all operating systems , It will work with windows 10, 8, 7 , and xp , and with all versions of Mac OS! After you will download our Crossy Road hack you will notice that we’ve added android and iOS and as you know the game is not yet released on windows mobile, but after the game will be realeased we will add the version for windows mobile too. So you don’t need to worry. This hack will work even for new devices like Samsung galaxy s6, and HTC One M9, this makes from our Crossy Road hack the most compatible hack that you will ever seen. In order to use this hack on windows 7 and xp you need to install the latest version of NET.Framework, as the Crossy Road hack works only with that versions, if we didn’t make it work with that versions , we will have problems of server compatibility as the game use your mobile device that is connected throw usb to your pc, to find your account data, and than insert the amount of coins that you asked in the program.

Now let’s talk about the game:

As you may know this game is created by Hipster Whale, This guys knows what they do, I’ve tested many of the games from them and all of them are great. In term of design and futures they are the best. You may also know that there are over 1 million people who downloaded this game in the first 10 days after the game was released, this is one of the best advanced things that you will ever find!

Game Ratings:

Design: The design of the game is a great way to go back in the past, to see the old times of Mario and the games played on old consoles with disket. I know that you will enjoy the game, and won’t have problems using it!

Sounds: The sounds of the game are awesome, they sound really great, and there are many songs that help you jump when you hear them, you know that you’ve made the right jump. This is the best songs that the game can give you. You will enjoy it.

Story: I give the story a big 10, the game is based on the joke that why the chicken crossed the road, you will enjoy the game, and you will no have problems to play it.

Addictiveness: You must take care with this game , as it may make you play it every day, for one year and you won’t notice that , the game is very addictive, and many of my friends play it every day, so I will give a 10 to this game at this details!