WhatsApp Spy – WhatsApp Hack

WhatsApp Spy – WhatsApp Hack

WhatsApp Spy – WhatsApp Hack it’s a great tool who allow you to spy all your friends accounts who have an account on WhatsApp. This WhatsApp spy is very popular and works only if you know the victim phone number. This WhatsApp spy works with all numbers from United States, Europe and All World. This WhatsApp spy and hack can be downloaded and used on Mac OS , PC, iOS and Android. So you will never lose one of your friends messages and you will spy all of them.

WhatsApp Spy – WhatsApp Hack

Updated and working as of:

How to use?

WhatsApp Spy – WhatsApp Hack

Step 1: Click on Like and +1 Button

Step 2: Click on share button!

Step 3: Download the program by clicking on the picture below.

Step 4: Open the program select the region and insert victim phone number.

Step 5: Click on Connect Button and you are done!

Step 6: For more info watch the video tutorial below!


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WhatsApp Spy [English]

WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp Spy is a hack who will never let you get cought by anyone. This hack will allow you to spy your friends with just few clicks. This hack will show you the entire conversation of the hacked account. So you will see what your friends talks about you. You will never be surprised by some friends who want to mess with you. Whit this spy for WhatsApp you will be able co write messages from the hacked account, to send pictures and videos, it’s like WhatsApp buy with other people accounts. This WhatsApp spy will never ask for your real info and dates. So don’t worry they will never find you if you hack theyr accounts. This WhatsApp spy is very easy to use all you need to do is to enter victim phone number , select the region and click on connect button like you can see in the next picture.


After you will be connected you will see the victim Profile Picture, Information and contacts. With that you will be able to send a text message to anyone from his list. So you will be the boss on his account. See Next picture:

Profile Picture

With this hack for WhatsApp you will be able to update the victim status and many other great feautures like talking with his contacts. This is a cool function we worked almost 4 weeks! And you can even send pictures and videos from our program to his contacts that will be very easy all you need to do is drag and drop. This function will use your computer networks so will be very fast. To use this hack you need an active connection to internet so you can connect to WhatsApp servers and get the info of the contact. Don’t worry you will never get cought with our WhatsApp spy who use a brand new technology who use servers around the world to hide you. This tehnology is free for you when you download the program and the best thing is that you don’t need to do anything just download our WhatsApp hack and use it! If you have an older computer you will need to have a great internet speed connection but will work for sure even with a slow network. If  you need it right now and you are on phone you can download the phone version who works with all versions of android , iOS and Windows Mobile. So if you have a smarthphone and you want to spy your friends just use it and you will see great results from it!

Why to use WhatsApp spy?

If you have some feelings that your girlfriends/boyfriend cheat you and you want to read his/her messages you can use every time you want our WhatsApp spy to see if you are right or not. If you want to know what gift bought your friends for your birthday and you can’t wait until it just use our WhatsApp spy to read they conversations so you will know for sure what they bought for you. If you want to see what your friends talks about you just spy they WhatsApp and you will know. I forgot to mention that our WhatsApp spy allows you to spy the phone calls too . The WhatsApp spy will spy only the phone calls made with the WhatsApp application so if you have luck you can hear what they talk about you!!! So if you ever need a hack for WhatsApp here is the place to get it.  Our official site is Pre-hackedgames.net. You will found this hack only here in an working version! If you can’t download it right now just bookmark our site and when we will update it you will get a message from us! Please support us by clicking on facebook like button and +1 button to make us updating the program!

How often you will check the program and update it?

We check the program every day to make sure it’s works great. We will update it every time is needed to make it works and to make sure you will never get a dead version of the program . With our WhatsApp spy you will never get crazy because of crashes or other things like that. We tested our WhatsApp spy on many operatin systems. We test it on Mac Os, Windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows 8 , iOS 6, iOS 7, and with android. For windows mobile version we have our members who test it and tells us if it’s still works or not. If you will ever have a problem with our WhatsApp spy just contact us by letting a comment below! This is all about WhatsApp spy if you have any question just leave a comment bellow and you are done!


WhatsApp Spy – WhatsApp Hack

WhatsApp Spy – WhatsApp Hack got a special update that will allow it now to work on mac os , ios and android too. All you need to do is to download the update and copy it to your device. You will never ask for password or other things like that. This WhatsApp Spy – WhatsApp Hack allow you now to register sounds and send them from the hacked account which is great if you want to make the hacked account cry ! Please use this hack carefully and don’t abuse ! We will keep it alive every time is needed !


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