Windows 10 Loader – Windows 10 activator

Windows 10 Loader – Windows 10 activator

Windows 10 Loader is one of the newest loader created by Daz, This windows 10 loader and activator works like his older brother for windows 8 and 7. This loader will make your pirated windows active for unlimited period. But you need to disable auto update mode. Another thing about this loader is the ability to make it undetectable to windows updates.


Windows 10 Loader

This windows activator has been used by millions of users around the world in just one month after the lunch of windows 10. This activator is the most secure one and antiviruses won’t be able to detect that you are using a fake activation on your windows. This windows 10 activator is the most secure one as it inserts the activation key directly in the windows 10 registry and it will think that you have a premium version of the windows. This activator will make any version of windows 10 genuine , both x64 or x32.

How to use:

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Step 2: Download the program.
Step 3: Open the program and run it.
Step 4: Click on Start Hack


You can update the windows without any problems. If you have windows This activator works with all windows 10 versions from Starter up to the Ultimate. For more info visit the official website . We will give you new updates every time a new update will arrive. We will give you the updates for windows throw this activator if you chose to install it. This is the ultimate activation method. As there are few activators that will let you do that. If you want to add this activator to update your windows you will need to install the latest NET.Framework to make the activator fully compatible with the update core of the windows. The best thing about this activator is that Microsoft won’t be able to know if you have a pirated windows or a real activation code. In this way we saved more than one million people from buying the latest windows OS!

As you know, from this version Windows 10 will be based on annual subscription and you will need to pay 150$ every year for this OS. Which is kind annoying if you ask me, this should be free, but don’t worry our windows 10 loader and activator will solve this problem and it will make sure that windows will never ask you to pay to activate the windows. In this way we make sure you have the best experience with windows and you won’t move to an older os like windows 7 who use more resources than windows 10. But still in my opinion is the best operating system right now. Windows 10 for me looks to crowded, that task bar, it’s not in my taste ,but it have great futures like parallel desktops and the new browser who is better than Mozilla and Chrome at this moment . And I think it will be used by more than one hundred million people and it will become a great competitor for current browsers who infest our life with advertisements and other things.

Windows 10 activator

Windows 10 activator is the best activator for windows and we work hard to create a new way to activate windows. Right now we are working at an online activator. This activator will search in your windows resources than find the best way to activate it . We are working to a way to connect to the Microsoft servers , to edit the data and change your windows to be activated. This will be one of the greatest technologies ever created and it will be one of the hardest tool that we ever created. We are working at this right now but it’s still in test. We are glad to tell that we activated the windows but we need to test some more to make sure that this activation will be forever and not only for one year or anything like that. I hope you don’t mind waiting a little more. We will keep testing this brand new tool until we make sure that every member who will sue it will have his windows activated in less than 1 minute and it won’t dezactivate if an antivirus or other things interact on the os. But until that time you can still use our tool . It’s free for download and can be used by anyone. You don’t need advanced guides or tutorials to use this tool. We also created a video tutorial about how to use our generator and we will be very glad that you will watch it as it is very hard sometimes to understand how to use a program just from the program itself. So please be patient and watch our windows 10 loader guide.


It was very hard to code this generator and we will keep working to improve it as it will take years until a new windows version will appear, another strange thing that it happened is the strange surprise that Microsoft did to pass from windows 8 directly to windows 10. This in my opinion is the ultimate marketing thing you will ever see. And with this thing it got so popular that it had more than one billion searches from that announcement until the actual windows 10 was released. If you have problems with our windows 10 activator just contact us and we will make sure we fix any problem you faced and give you another version of our generator or even give you a real licence.

Windows 10

It’s been 30 years since Microsoft released first windows, Windows 1.0. Today, Microsoft promises to bring the best operating system ever made, Windows 10.

Windows 10, the most awaited operating system. An operating system who promise that will change the world. Then day when he was released, it was marked as a historic day. Windows 10 can be download and use for free. At Windows 10 must be noted that those from Microsoft jumped from Windows 8.1 directly to Windows 10. They took all the best from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and put in Windows 10. Actually, this windows can be considered an hybrid. Start menu contains traditional applications, and the right side, modern application, from Windows 8.1. This windows is developed by Microsoft with codename Threshold, a part of Windows NT family.

After Beta Testing, Microsoft decided that in the first year of use, you benefit of free licence, but after that year, you must pay 150 $ every year to activate the licence. On windows 10 you can use all new programs, games and other applications. All new technologies are included in Windows 10. A little problem, that user greeted is that windows can not be compatible with all kind of drivers. It is believed that it will be long time until large companies will update their drivers to pe compatible with Windows 10. Some people said that Windows 10 is like Windows 8, with some additions. Windows 10 was not as it seems. Before being released for users, this promises to be something that users never had. Althought this is not so exceptional, users were more disappointed when they saw that the free licences expires after one year and they must update annually.

A new version of Windows 10 will come with Cortana a virtual assistant which is implemented in him. Another version, called Build 9901, learn us how to understand how to use voice commands to access different stuff on Windows. Depends of you if you need to use Cortana. If you use your mobile phone’s virtual assistant it will not be so hard to use Cortana, the experience is similar. Another functionality that Microsoft officials will develop xBox ecosystem integration in Windows 10.

According to some reveals made by officials from Techlast, a producer of tablets in the Chinese market, Windows 10 will be seen on devices supplied to consumers. That company have already planning a tablet with Android and Windows system. The start button which has been removed from Windows 8 has been implemented in Windows 10 with some changes. If you press the Windows logo, you will see a menu in the left side resembles Windows 7 and includes some shortcuts to applications and directories.

Windows 10 will have a different menu notification, as a vertical box on the right side of the screen, which will include a range of activities. Here, you will find a lot of shortcuts to Wi-Fi and other device settings. Notifications menu will be unified with what we meet on smartphones or tablets, an aspect that will be appreciated by users. The popular browser, Internet Explorer will be replaced with a new browser, called Spartan. Microsoft Officials promise a much more usable browser, including some very interesting features. Cortana also will be included in the new Spartan browser.

New devices will be able to take all steps to install Windows 10 in 20 minutes. Older devices will need a longer period of time. Although Chrome has remained the best browser, the new Windows 10 comes with an improved browser, which makes navigation much faster. Since the first tests, it looked like Spartan is 112% faster than Chrone, thing that will make the Spartan one of the best competitors for Chrome, even Mozilla. The new browser, called Edge improves web experience. You can write directly on the web page, you can circle pictures and share with your friends.

To use Windows 10, your device must have at least the following specifications: 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM for 32 -bit and 2GB RAM for 64 –bit, Video card with DirectX 9 and a modest 1024x600p screen. With the new launch of Windows 10, a new brand of DirectX 10 was launched to. With this version, you will be able to make different graphic cards work together, even if they have different manufactures. This is a great thing for gamers who really like to play on Windows.


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